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Calligraphy is a form of writing that is used in many parts of the world. Special calligraphy pens are used for this writing. This visual art is also called the art of fancy lettering, and it is often used for wedding and other invitations as well as art work. It is also used for religious art, announcements, inscriptions on stones, and for other purposes. Some of these are death, birth, and marriage certificates. Sometimes, monarchs and officers of states in different countries issue official documents that are written in calligraphy.

The main tool used in calligraphy is the calligraphy pen. Ink and a good quality paper are also used for this writing. Pens are usually dipped into ink, but there are some available that have ink cartridges in them. In addition, markers made for this purpose are also used by some writers. The calligraphy pen includes the shank or body, a vent hole, shoulder, tines, slit, and the tip or point.

There are many different brands and styles of calligraphy pens that can be found in stationery stores, discount stores, and specialty shops, as well as online. Many of them are sold in sets, such as one that has three different pens, including three different nibs or points that are fine, medium, and broad. The different points are used to make lines that coordinate with the size of the nib on the pen. Ink cartridges are sometimes sold as part of the set, and this one has 14 cartridges of various ink colors. A very interesting pen set includes a feather quill pen with six nibs and one ink pot. It also comes with a stamp with a sun logo and sealing golden wax to make invitations even more special.

Many inexpensive calligraphy pens are sold, as well as those that cost thousands of dollars. Some top brands are Shaeffer, Pilot, Lamy, Sharpie, Speedball, and Rotring. There are other companies that produce fine quality pens as well. Inexpensive pens cost under $2, and many reviews say that they write smooth, clear lines. The Rotring pen is a highly rated calligraphy pen that sells for around $30. At the high end, the Visconti Homo Sapiens Calligraphy Set sells for about $4,000. It includes one fountain pen with 23 nibs, one roller ball, one ballpoint, and all have four rings in sterling silver. It also has a tool for changing nibs, blotting paper, and a polishing cloth. The set is sold with six inkwells in colors of black, blue, red, sepia, green, and turquoise, and there are also six gel refills in the same colors.

There are many kits that are within the medium cost range, such as the Shaeffer Calligraphy Deluxe Tin Kit that is great for practicing this art. The kit has three pens that each have a different nib for writing in fine, medium, or broad strokes. Practice pads are also available for those first learning or trying to improve their skills with the various nibs. Those who are preparing to write wedding invitations and other written announcements and invitations often like to practice on less expensive paper before they actually write their invitations.

Ink for this art can also be found online at many websites. Besides the basic black, there are fluorescent colors and even invisible ink. Pearlescent ink with a pearly glow is made in red, rose, and apple green. Also, there are scented inks that make the art of calligraphy even more fun. These are made in a great variety of colors and scents, such as red fruit, green pine, amber mimosa, and others. Sets of inks are also sold in sets of 12 or more bottles.

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