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Necromancy – Assumed Divination Through The Dead or Corpses

There are many types and forms of black magic and black arts, but undoubtedly necromancy is by far one of the blackest types of all. Necromancy is an ancient method used by witches and wizards to communicate with the dead. The witches believe that they can conjure up the dead and control their spirits in order to get some divine instruction or guidance. This practice is considered to be extremely dangerous and can be somewhat fatal, mainly because the spirits that are conjured up are believed to be in search of life and may seek to take the life of the witch if they are not protected. Necromancy is also described as a universal practice of antiquity is used as a means of conjuring dead spirits to be guided by them. These spirits that are claimed to be risen from the dead are seen by the magicians as divine mediums, that will help them predict the future or do harm to somebody at the magicians commands.

The truth is from the primitive stages of mankind, they have tried and believed that people who have died and left their spirits can be summoned, appeased and communicated with. Necromancy is like the avenue or the technique used by witches and wizards when they are trying to communicate with the dead. The practice is literally trying to deduce some sort of divination through the dead. The teachings and the practice has its roots in the ancient cultures of the Romans and the Greeks. Many people today do believe that the spirits of dead people could actually be called into the land of the living to prophesy about and for the living people across the earth.

Shamanism is said to be related to the earliest form of necromancy, which causes an individual to call upon dead spirits like the ghosts of friends , love ones and family. Another early form of necromancy was called Strabo and refers to necromancy as being one of the fundamental aspects or form of divination adopted by the people of Persia, Chaldea, Sabians, Eturia and Babylon. Necromancy has some records of its practice even in Babylon, Rome, Greece and Egypt. The two categories used by people who practice necromancy are divination through the dead and divination through the corpses. This form of black art requires strict concentration and care, mainly because if the witch or the wizard breaches the specific guidelines in the process of conjuring the spirits, chances are that they may end up dead.

On the other hand, most people who are affiliated with Christianity, Judaism or Islam, will have strong beliefs against the practice of necromancy, mainly because it is universally considered as a black magic. Some will tend to view the practice as demonic or satanic on the basis that the individual conjuring up the dead spirit for divine guidance is forsaking dependence on the Almighty God for their spiritual and divine guidance. Religious folks will also warn against necromancy on the premise that any communication with any other spirits but the Spirit of God can be seen as idolatry and a complete contradiction to holy teachings of the scriptures.

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