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Quilting Art

Quilting services can make a unique and beautiful quilt for you if you do not do quilting yourself and if you just will not settle for a store-bought quilt. These services usually do machine quilting which provides the same handmade look with a fraction of the work. Years ago, women assembled together for a quilting bee to make quilts, and they took many months of years to make. Although the art of quilting has never been taught to most modern generations, the love of their style and comfort has not been forgotten. There are still many DIY quilters who love to create their own works of art in the form of quilting designs.

Some quilting services assist the DIY quilter with a project. They may baste to prepare for hand or machine quilting or complete a piece that was found in an old attic that someone from long ago began, but that now needs to be finished. Sometimes a DIY quilter begins a project and just does not have time to finish it, so quilting services will do this for you. There are services available online who have websites explaining exactly which services they offer. Some websites offer estimating tools that allow shoppers to see how much their quilt will cost. The quilt’s dimensions are entered, along with the charge for the quilting service, and materials, such as thread, batting, and binding. After this information is entered, an estimate is calculated to give the customer an idea of the cost. The customer provides their own fabric front and back of the quilt, and there are extra charges for other items that are needed to complete the quilt. Customers can prepare their materials and send them to the quilting service.

Those who are interested in custom quilts can find a design at one of the websites who offers a quilting service, or most of these businesses will use a pattern that you have found yourself that you would like them to make. The Internet provides options such as enlarging a sample quilt to see the pattern more closely as well as the ability to browse through galleries that artisans offer. Fabric stores sell quilting pattern books for quilters with many different types of quilts in them. If a customer finds a pattern, they can buy the fabric for the top as well as the underneath portion of the quilt and send it to a service along with the pattern. Most services charge by the size of the quilt, and prices range from about $150 for a very small throw-size quilt to $600 and up for a king size one. It takes around 120 hours or more to make the average size quilt, even by machine stitching, and this amount of time is what is required for a professional quilter who owns or works for a quilting service.

There are not many services who do hand quilting except for the Amish who still offer hand quilting. Amish women quilt as a community, so more than one person may work on a quilt that you order from them. They use a formula of quilting every two inches that keeps batting from bunching up over time, even though this method is no longer necessary because of today’s bonded battings. Amish quilting services also offer basting in preparation for a customer to quilt their own work of art. The prices for basting are from around $25 for a crib size piece to $50 for a king size. They will also mark a pattern on your material for you for similar charges. The fees for actually quilting are varied because of the different fabrics and materials that can be used to make quilts.

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